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Famous for its wild landscape and its long, bizarre coastline the Algarve offers endless spots to be explored! One of the best waves to do so is by SUP – you will visit caves, paddle along the cliffs and be stunned by the rough beauty. In order to soak up the peace of the nature reserve, we’d recommend a horse riding tour traversing the nature reserve. Moreover, we offer yoga, city trips and, of course, surfing!


What a beautiful way to start and end your day doing yoga! Especially, when you have some amazing sea views, shade by palm trees or sand under your yoga mat. The setting is already worth partaking in a class. Furthermore, yoga will help you stretching your sore muscles and working on your balance.

3 yoga sessions included! Extra session: 13 €

sup tour algarve caves cliffs sagres

SUP Tour

Come and join us on an adventure! We’ll take you along the coastline of the Algarve on a 3 hours SUP tour. We’ll start the tour on our home beach Ingrina and end it in Barranco. Inbetween we’ll visit some caves, train our core strength, enjoy the beautiful view and the warm sun. If you’re daring, you can climb up some cliffs and do some fun cliff diving. You shouldn’t miss this tour, if you want to experience the Algarve’s wild beauty.

3 h SUP Tour: 50 €

Horse Riding

Our Lodges are situated right in the middle of a nature reserve. The picturesque landscape of the Algarve produces colours from shade of greens over silver to golds. No matter at which light you visit the nature reserve, it will enchant you with its shimmering colours. Endless kilometers of coastlines, view points and cliffs just wait to be explored by you! So swing yourself in the sattle and hit it.

Horse Riding Trips from 25 € 


Surfing means freedom – so come and learn to surf with us or join one of our surf guidings! Our surf school was established in 2002. We have loads of experience and have brought many happy surfers on the board. If you’re a beginner still, Amado Beach with its beach break will be great fro you to learn surfing. When you have more experience already we take you to the best spots of the Algarve with our jeep, even if they are remote, our jeeps allows us to get there!

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