Eco Surflodge Caparica pool garden terrace eco surf lodge portugal caparica Surfer sunrise longboarding breakwater Double room Eco Surf Lodge Portugal Young surfers Eco Surf Lodge Portugal high five Eco Surf Lodge pool flowers Big wave Eco Surf Lodge Portugal blue sky Lisbon Eco Surf Lodge Portugal
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Eco Surf Lodge Caparica

Ecological and sustainable

Eco Surf Lodge Caparica is the perfect destination for those searching for:

wave Waves/Surfing 95%

Camp-Icon Distance to Beach 100%

house Comfort 100%

Activities-Icon Activities 95%

surf Surf School 100%

fun Party 85%

Campfinder-Icon Rating 100%

Eco Surflodge Caparica pool garden terrace
eco surf lodge portugal caparica
Surfer sunrise longboarding breakwater
Double room Eco Surf Lodge Portugal
Young surfers Eco Surf Lodge Portugal high five
Eco Surf Lodge pool flowers
Big wave Eco Surf Lodge Portugal blue sky
Lisbon Eco Surf Lodge Portugal

A healthy and eco-friendly surf destination

  • Designer Eco Surf Lodge along Costa da Caparica – mediated by Portugal Surf Lodge
  • Only 150 meters from the camp to the beach
  • Pool and garden on the property
  • Organic breakfast provided daily
  • Surf the beach break only a stones throw away from your door
  • There are 2 surf sessions available per day to learn quickly
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable 
  • Day trips or evening to Lisbon & Sintra with the team

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Surf Lodge


Eco Surf Lodge Caparica Garden
Eco Surf Lodge Caparica Garden
Eco Surf Lodge Caparica living room balcony sunshine
Great location with a variety of surf spots
private pool at the Eco Surf Lodge
Paraíso beach is just around the corner
Lovely surroundings sunrise clouds pink sky
Surfing in Caparica surfer girls
1 / 8
Garden shower in the eco lodge

Surf the best waves, eat healthy & delicious food, spend nights in designer accommodation, and know you are making an Eco-friendly holiday decision.

  • Fresh, local, and organic ingredients used in all the meals
  • Surf Courses & Guiding available with an experienced, local surf team
  • Easy access to Lisbon to sightsee, party & shop
  • Hand crafted furniture inside the lodge that uses recycled materials
  • Yoga, Bike riding, day & evening trips out all available through the camp team
  • Quiet relaxing location

Eco Surf Lodge along the Costa da Caparica near Lisbon combines environmentally friendly design, with great waves & healthy meals. The trips are mediated by Pure Surf Camps, the execution of the holidays is undertaken by Wonder Seasons.

A trip to Portugal will be relaxing, and adventurous at the same time, you get to spend evenings in total comfort, surrounded my like minded travellers while appreciating the hand crafted furniture and art that fills the lodge.

Every morning you awake to an amazing breakfast that makes use of the fresh produce available in the region, and is delicious to boot. Once breakfast is done with its usually time to hit the surf with the surf crew. The waves are fun and extremely close to the lodge, the equipment is new and modern, the staff is experienced and qualified, and the surf lesson are designed to get you up and surfing in no time at all. Then you get to go back to spend the remainder of your day either surfing some more, exploring the sights of the area, taking a trip to Lisbon, or just sitting on the beach and soaking up the sun.

Then, once the days come to a close and the sunsets behind the cool blue of the Atlantic Ocean, you get to enjoy more amazing, healthy food and spend evenings either with the guests and crew enjoying the peaceful surroundings of the camp, or heading to one of the nearby bars or nightclubs for late nights of dancing & partying.


Beautiful beaches to relax
Breathtaking lookouts over the coast
Sightseeing attractions in Lisbon
Located near Lisbon
First class surf spots just around the corner
Surf lodge located in a lively surfer town
Amazing landscape surrounding the camp
Great waves for surfing
1 / 8
The amazing beaches of Costa da Caparica

Costa da Caparica
Costa da Caparica is essentially a long strip of beach that starts when you drive across the Tejo River from Lisbon on the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. Once you arrive on the southern bank of the river you are in Caparica. The coast of Caparica (Costa da Caparica) stretches for roughly 13 kilometres south, eventually ending once it reaches the national park and the beach of Praia do Meco. This stretch of coast has countless waves to surf, with hundreds of peaks formed by ever changing sand bars, breakwaters and small rock outcrops. There are also countless bars & restaurants all the way along the coast with exponentially more as you cross the bridge back into Lisbon.

The area directly neighbouring the camp is peaceful & quiet. You don’t have to travel far however to do anything, the beach is less than 5 minutes’ walk away, and the nearest bar is about the same.

Local Tips

Beach Bar to enjoy the sunset
Beach Bar right at the surf spot
Iconic sunsets after a surf lesson
Bike rental at the surf camp
Local attractions to be discovered
1 / 5
check out Leblon Beach Bar after your surf

Leblon Beach Bar
São João is a beach near the river mouth of the Tejo and only a few minutes away from the camp, as well as being near where the daily surf lessons take place. Along the waterfront are a few great little bars and cafés to enjoy an after-surf snack or drink. One of your favourites is the Leblon Beach Bar, here you can get a great meal, a cold drink, always accompanied by great music, sunshine and surf vibes. In the evenings the dance floor fills up, the music gets a little louder, and the DJ ups the tempo.

Flea Market
The weekly Flea Market along the beachfront is a local experience you can’t pass up. You can find everything from pearls to 80’s fashion classics. The market is perfect for finding yourself a piece of individual memorabilia, or perfect souvenirs for friends back home.

Bike Tour to Bélem
The lodge has its own bikes available for guests and a nice way to spend the afternoon is to ride to the ferry terminal in Trafaira and jump on the ferry to the district of Bélem in Lisbon. There’s plenty to see and do once you get off the ferry including checking out the Church, Santa Maria de Belém or Bélem Tower. There is even a local delicacy to this part of Lisbon known as a Pasteis de Bélem, which you’ll find at any good bakery in the area.


Decio manager in Portugal

Decio is a local to the coast north of Lisbon and has had a surfboard under his feet since he was a child. For the last 3 and a bit years he’s been managing the Eco Surf Lodge, but still finds time to come out in the water and take the odd surf lesson, or take those more experienced surfers to the best spots on the coast. AS he comes from Lisbon he is full of vital information not only about the surf, but also about the city itself.

Petra Eco Surf Lodge Portugal

Petra moved to the Costa da Caparica almost 3 years ago and fell in love. She not only learnt to surf, but also learnt a lot about not only the ocean, but also all the hotspots along the coast. If you want to plan trip away from the lodge to eat, party, shop or sightsee, ask Petra and she can give you some amazing insight into what’s available.



Double Room

Little details in every room
Double room with bathroom
Wooden furniture in the double room
Double room equipped with fire place
Rooms in a relaxing atmosphere
1 / 5
Recycling at the Eco Surf Lodge

The double rooms at Eco Surf Lodge Caparica are spacious and inviting, and the perfect place to call home when visiting the Costa da Caparica. The rooms are furnished with locally made designer furniture that incorporates recycled materials, giving each room an individual style.

Take a look at the Prices

All the double rooms are fitted with a new king size bed, all of which have been brand new mattresses. Some rooms come with a private bathroom, if not, one bathroom is shared between two double rooms.

All the bathrooms have been freshly renovated, and include modern amenities like rain showers. The rooms also have large windows which let in plenty of fresh air and light in the warm summer months, and some have a romantic fireplace for the colder winter months.

Dorm Rooms

Lovely rooms that make you feel like being home
Modern bathroom in a dorm
All beds in the dorm are hand made
Spacious rooms with comfortable beds
1 / 4
Feel at home from the second you arrive

There are 2 dorm rooms available at the Eco Surf Lodge in Caparica. Each room comfortably sleeps 4 people and is spread over 2 rooms, with a combination of double and single beds. One of the rooms has its own private bathroom, whereas the other shares a bathroom with a double room.

Take a look at the Prices

These dorm rooms are not only great for solo travellers who don’t mind sharing a room, but also for small families as they can be booked privately for 3 people with only a small added fee. Fresh towels and linen are included for every guest, regardless of what room they are staying in.

Communal Areas

Refreshing garden shower
Outside area decorated with flowers
Communal area with TV, couch and fireplace
1 / 3
Swim, surf & shower under the Portuguese sun

When you choose to visit Portugal in the warm summer months you will spend the majority of your time outside in the wonderful garden area where you have a large pool, outdoor shower and terrace, all perfect to soak up the afternoon sun while enjoying the delicious food and a cold drink.

In the cooler months you may spend a little more of your time inside, watching films in the communal lounge, playing guitar next to the fireplace, or relaxing in your room and reading a book with a glass of amazing local wine.


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Key Facts

Catching the first green waves
Meeting other surfers in the surf course
Surf courses for every level
1 / 3
Get your first great rides along the face of the wave in Portugal

During the Portuguese summer, from the start of April to the end of October you’ll find perfect waves directly out from of the camp. The team can get you to the peaks that re perfect for your ability, and as the weather gets cooler, you move a little further up the coast to find more sheltered spots to learn on.

  • Theory & Practical elements make up each course
  • Surfboard and wetsuit included
  • Professional surf coaches with ISA qualifications
  • Surf Spot introduction
  • TTransfers to the surf
  • Beginners & advanced surf courses 10 hours each
  • Book before departure or on arrival

Price for Surf Course:
10-Hour 150 € / 15-Hour 200 €


Learning from the experienced surf instructors
Having fun before the surf course
Warm water for amazing surf lessons
1 / 3
A little theory and safety briefing before you head into the surf

At the Eco Surf Lodge you get to take part in either a 10 or 15-Hour surf course which runs from Monday to Friday. The first surf session hits the water after breakfast unless the conditions are better later in the afternoon. The qualified surf coaches will always make sure you go out in the best possible waves, every day.

The course is targeted at those of you with no, or a minimal, amount of experience in the ocean. The goal is to get you feeling comfortable paddling, catching waves, and of course standing up. During the course you will also learn about the ocean, tides, surf conditions and the equipment.

The team taking surf courses will take you to more advanced surf spots including reef & point breaks once your skills improve, especially if taking part in the 15-Hour course. When you arrive at new surf spots the team will run through the details of the wave and any safety warnings, then you head out and work on turns, tricks, catching bigger waves and building confidence. The coaches will be out with you and continue to give you advice through the duration of each session, as well as pushing you onto the best waves.

With over 20 years of surfing experience among the local surf coaches you are guaranteed to progress quickly, catch the best waves and have a ton of fun. Safety & fun are the most important aspect to any surf lesson. This means the team will make sure the sessions aren’t too overwhelming, in surf that isn’t too big and powerful, but still making sure you’re going out in waves where your surfing will progress.

Surfboard & wetsuit are included in any course you decide to do, and if you are not ready to commit to a 10-hour course, you can take a single day, 2-hour class, for 30€ that also includes gear.



Rita was born and raised near Lisbon and has been surfing along the Costa da Caparica for the last 10 years. Oddly enough her first experience surfing was in Holland, along the North Sea, but that started the bug and it hasn’t stopped since. Ritas’ philosophy is to split the groups down into smaller chunks, so everybody is surrounded by surfers of the exact same skill level, all pushing each other and progressing onto bigger waves quickly.


Paulinho is a real surfer. He was born on the coast, and started surfing when he could start walking. He’s funny, relaxed and a true professional when it comes to teaching you to surf. He will get you up and riding your first waves in no time, as well as always getting you to have a smile on your face. When he’s not teaching you can catch him ripping huge waves too shreds all along the Portuguese coast.

Surfboard rental at the Eco Surf Lodge
Surfboards for every surf level available
Daily or weekly surf equipment rental
1 / 3
Rent a board and be the first in the water

At Eco surf Lodge Caparica you can rent a surfboard and wetsuit, then go surfing on your own accord. The crew have a large selection of boards ranging from longboards, high performance shortboards as well as a few retro fish boards.

The cost for a surfboard is 20€ per day, or 70€ for the week. You can also do a package deal with surfboard and wetsuit for 25€ per day, or 100€ per week.

Surf Lodge located very close to the surf spots
Local beach breaks for a good surf
Paraíso beach providing good waves to surf
Various means of transport to the surf spot
1 / 4
Morning surf check two minutes from the lodge

Directly in front of Eco Surf lodge you have the beach of Paraíso, where you will be greeted by consistent surf, golden sand, and a variety of peaks to suit all skill levels. CDS is another wave near the lodge, and again is a consistent beach break with numerous breakwaters that provide long rides both left and right.

There is a 13 km stretch of beach that stretches from the southern bank of the Tejo River in Lisbon past the camp towards Ericeira where you have hundreds of waves to surf. If you have a car at your disposal you can north and discover even more waves towards Peniche and Ericeira.

The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean nearby the Eco Surf Lodge sits around 20°C in summer meaning a 3/2mm full wetsuit, or spring suit is required. In winter, water temperature drops to around 17°C so 4/3mm full suit is required.




Big breakfast buffet
Bread rolls, eggs, cereals and various spreads for breakfast
Healthy muesli with fruits
Delicious meals made of local ingredients
Breakfast selection for every taste
1 / 5
Get fuelled up for your day of surfing

Daily breakfast is included
We’ve mentioned it before, but the team at Eco Surf Lodge Caparica pride themselves in offering the freshest local food to make sure you have the energy to get through your day while staying healthy.

The kitchen crew find locally grown, organic produce which not only tastes better, but is also more nutritious and healthy to prepare each of their meals. Breakfast is served every morning before the first surf classes hit the water and incorporates things like fruit, muesli, freshly baked bread, and everything else you expect from a continental breakfast. Every morning you’ll also awake to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but tea, juice & water are also available.


Warm and rich meals for dinner
Local starters
1 / 2
Masterchefs at Eco Surf Lodge Caparica

Dinner can be added to your booking
Eco Surf Lodge Caparica offer a dinner package which includes 4 evening meals for 59 €. Each of the 4 meals, just like the breakfasts, make use of the ample local produce available through local organic farmers. The menu is constantly changing as the seasonal fruits and vegetable selection changes, but one thing is guaranteed. The food is always amazing.

The camp has a BBQ area, so twice a week the food will be prepared and eaten outside to make use of the extremely pleasant summer conditions. With the lodges' proximity to the ocean you also have the freshest seafood available to enjoy either on the BBQ, or in local dishes. Dinner always includes a glass of local wine produced in the vineyards that surround the capital, as well as water. This is by far the easiest option when staying at Eco Surf Lodge Caparica, as it takes the stress out of finding a restaurant every evening, gives you chance to get to know the other guests and crew, and still gives you plenty of time to check out local restaurants.



Yoga class to improve your flexibility
Yoga to prepare for the next surf session
1 / 2
Yoga with a view

Yoga works in perfect harmony to improve your surfing by relaxing your muscles, developing flexibility, building strength and calming your mind. Yoga has become more popular throughout the surfing community not only for these reasons, but also because of yogas’ focus on breath control, which is vital to surfers especially when you go out in bigger waves. The yoga sessions are also the perfect way to rejuvenate after successful days out surfing. The classes either take place on the beach or in the garden in the morning or evening when the sun, and temperature, is lower.

The class with a qualified yoga teacher costs 10 € and requires 3 participants.

Take a look inside Lisbon, Portugal
Cliche Portuguese architecture in Lisbon
Trams in Lisbon
Tuktuk Portugal
UNESCO Sintra Portugal
Castles, palaces and forts in Sintra
UNESCO Sintra Portugal
Sintra beachside landscape
1 / 8
Take a look inside Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon Nightlife Tour
To finish every week with a bang, the team offer an evening trip to Lisbon to where after the 30-minute trip to the city centre you head out for dinner at Barrio Alto. Afterwards the party starts at a few local bars, then starts heading towards the rooftop bar, where you can dance with a cocktail in hand all while gazing over the skyline of Lisbon. The tour costs 15€ and includes transfers, club entry and a shot.

Through the team at Eco Surf Lodge Caparica you can also partake in a trip to UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sintra. This city is rich in history and culture and once there, you will see amazing castles, forts, secret gardens and palaces. The town is also set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in the region. A tour costs 25€ and can be organised spontaneously while you are there.

Beach Train Trip
Discover the beautiful coastline of Costa da Caparica on the small beach train called Transpraia. The train goes all the way from the southern bank of the Tejo, along the 13 km of sand beaches to Fonte de Telha. During the journey you can find empty beaches, perfect waves, spots to play chess, beach volleyball & countless amazing bars and restaurants.

Caparica Coast SUP
Bike Rental Caparica
1 / 2
Sunset SUP along the Caparica Coast

Surf Trips
The crew is more than happy to organise surf trips further north or south along the coast for those guests who don’t have a car. If your surfing has improved and you want to try some new spots, let the team onsite know and they can organise a road trip to places like Supertubos or Ericeira.

Beach Cruisers
Eco Surf Lodge has bikes available for 3€ an hour, or 6€ a day. You can ride around Caparica, south along the Costa da Caparica coast, or ride to the ferry, then ride through the streets of Lisbon. The bikes are well maintained and comfortable beach cruisers. Perfect for a relaxed pace.

SUP & Surfboards
If you want to rent an SUP and paddle along the coast, ask the onsite staff and they can organise that for you, there is even the possibility of taking part in a guided SUP Tour. Otherwise the team can also help you rent Bodyboards, Longboards and even Kayaks or Catamarans, anything you want to enjoy the beach even more.




Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for different accommodation options, and various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 week including breakfast from 199€!

  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including Coffee and Tea
  • Towels, linen & room cleaning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of pool and garden
  • Local tips for surrounding surf spots

Detailed price overview through: Low - and Peak Season

  • Low Season (February - June & October)
  • Peak Season (July - September)

Low Season

Price per Person per Week

Arrival and departure possible any day during the Low Season.


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including Coffee and Tea
  • Towels, linen & room cleaning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of pool and garden
  • Local tips for surrounding surf spots
01.10.2017 28.10.2017 269 € 289 € 349 € 369 €
03.03.2018 28.04.2018 229 € 249 € 309 € 329 €
28.04.2018 30.06.2018 269 € 289 € 349 € 369 €
29.09.2018 27.10.2018 269 € 289 € 349 € 369 €


3 People in 4 Person Dorm +40 €

Online Booking

Peak Season

Price per Person per Week

During Peak Season arrival and departure only on Saturday.


  • 7 nights accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including Coffee and Tea
  • Towels, linen & room cleaning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Use of pool and garden
  • Local tips for surrounding surf spots
30.06.2018 29.09.2018 329 € 349 € 409 € 429 €


Triple occupancy +40 €

Online Booking

Optional Extras

Pre-booking and booking onsite available. Price per Person:

Surf Course (10h) 150 €
Surf Course (15h) 200 €
6 Days Surfboard & Wetsuit hire 100 €
1 Days Surfboard & Wetsuit hire 25 €
6 Days Surfboard OR Wetsuit hire 70 €
1 Day Surfboard 20 €
4 x Dinner including BBQ 59 €

Booking onsite. Price per Person:

Yoga Session 10 €
Trip to Lisbon 15 €
Trip to Sintra 25 €

Contact camp before departure to organise pick-up. Payable on arrival:

Transfer to/from Lisbon Airport (LIS) 35 € / per car trip ( If 2 People go, 17,50 € each)*
*Send flight details directly to the camp manager after booking. Contact details are on your receipt.

Online Booking




Lisbon (LIS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. Cheap flights are available starting from as little as 80 Euro! Best option is to fly directly to Lisbon (LIS) and then book an airport transfer.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. An alternative is Kayak. These two flight search sites look through all airlines apart from RyanAir

Cheap Airlines from the UK:
RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to Lisbon, Portugal from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

Airport Tansfer

An airport shuttle can be organised to pick you up from Lisbon Airport, and take you directly to Eco Surf Lodge for 35€ per trip, the cost is split evenly between the number of passengers. Max passengers 4, so 8.75€ per person. 

Public Transport

From Lisbon Airport (LIS) you can hop on the Red Metro line until you get to Alameda. Once there change onto the Green Metro and take that until Praça Areeiro. There, you get on the Bus number 161 headed to Costa da Caparica (Mercado) . Then you can walk the last 10 minutes to Eco Surf Lodge Caparica.

Or you take the Aerobus from Lisbon Airport to Cais do Sodré. From here you cross the Tejos on the Ferry in 7 Min. to rech Cacilhas. Here you get on Bus 135 to Costa da Caparica and get out at Mercado. From here its 7 minutes walk to the Eco surf Lodge.

Rental Car

We recommend renting a car! In Portugal there are very cheap rental cars available that start at 80€ per week. At Sunny Cars you'll find the cheapest rental cars around! Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline or nearby Lisbon.It will also give you the freedom to take early morning drives up the coast to go to your favourite surf spot and be first in the water.


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