Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Drone photo Portugal Ocean Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel surfing Portugal wetsuit left hand barrel Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Pool sunrise garden surfing relaxed green wetsuit Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Balcony sunset surfboard
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Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira

Surf Holiday in the Portuguese Surfers Paradise

Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira is the perfect
destination if you are searching for:

wave Waves/Surfing 100%

Beach-Icon Distance to Beach 90%

house Comfort 100%

Activities-Icon Activities 90%

money Budget 90%

fun Party 80%

Campfinder-Icon PURE Rating 100%

Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Drone photo Portugal Ocean
Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel
Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel
surfing Portugal wetsuit left hand barrel
Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel
Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Pool sunrise garden
surfing relaxed green wetsuit
Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira Balcony sunset surfboard

Relaxing lodge on Portugal’s dream coast

  • Awesome accommodation, world class waves, friendly team – mediated by Surf Lodge Portugal
  • Close to the beach and plenty of surf spots
  • Big pool and garden area with volleyball field
  • Ocean views throughout the camp
  • Nutritious & delicious daily breakfast
  • Surf spots to cater to every type of surfer
  • Relaxing & quiet camp to enjoy your holiday
  • Located in the World Surfing Reserve of Ericeira

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Surf Lodge


shared living room with spacious couch
Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel
Sunset Surf lodge Ericeira Portugal Surf travel living room TV
Sunset Surf lodge Ericeira Portugal garden country house
Sunset Surflodge Ericeira Portugal entrance tile roof
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Comfortable shared living room at Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira

Visit Surf Lodge Ericeira and ride the best waves in Europe, then spend evenings enjoying an amazing lodge with pool, delicious food, a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable surroundings.

  • Relaxed surfer atmosphere
  • Large pools, giant garden with volleyball/football field
  • 10 minutes away from Ericeira
  • Easy walk to the local beach
  • Amazing daily breakfast buffet using fresh, local ingredients
  • Perfect waves for every skill level
  • Basic, intermediate and advanced surf courses available
  • Yoga, SUP tours as well as day trips offered by the lodge

Surf trips to Sunset Surf Lodge in Portugal are mediated by Pure Surf Camps, with the surf trips execution being undertaken by Wonder Season Unipessoal Lda. The lodge was completely renovated & newly furnished in 2017, and has become one of the top surf destinations in Portugal. The lodge itself is comfortable, relaxed and modern and its location near Ericeira, and the famous Surf Reserve, mean you have the best waves not only in Europe, but the world at your doorstep. The waves are at their best from April till October which means you get to enjoy the warm dry summer weather combined with great waves.

Throughout the camp, including from your comfortable, light-filled room and balcony, you get to enjoy stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Portuguese countryside. During your stay you also get to enjoy the large central pool, terrace area & garden during your stay. The garden is a hive of activity with yoga sessions take place there, as well as friendly games of soccer and volleyball.

The small Sunset Surf Lodge is a perfect destination for those of you wanting a relaxed holiday, great waves & peaceful surroundings.


Stunning beaches with amazing waves
fishing village Ericeira Portugal
Coastline of Ericeira
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Stunning cliff lined beaches up and down the coast

Ericeira is an authentic old Portuguese fishing village roughly ten minutes away from Sunset Surf Lodge by car. In the small town you have an abundance of great restaurants that serve the best local cuisine including the freshest seafood, as well as other classics from around the world. There are also a few great bars and even a couple of nightclubs to discover. Ericeria also has local surf shops, supermarkets, tourist shops for souvenirs and is also home to the Quiksilver Boardriders Club with a huge skatepark.

From the lodge you can get to the beach in 10 minutes on foot, and have a huge selection of surf spots catering to all level nearby. Some of the more famous surf spots in the area include Coxos, Ribeira d’Ilhas and Pedra Branca.

Lisbon is also only a short car trip away and is definitely worth an afternoon trip to shop, explore, discover or party.

Local Tips

Delicious desserts
The famous Pastel de Nata

Pastelerias & Restaurants
As the locals of Ericeira are still predominantly fishermen or woman, fresh fish is never far away, making a trip to a local fish restaurant a prerequisite during your visit. There is however another delicacy famous in the region called Pastel de Nata. It is essentially sweet pastry that you’ll find at most bakeries and cafes.

Throughout our many trips to Ericeira we have discovered a few real culinary highlights in the area including the local ‘America Snack Bar’ where you can get some of the best grilled fish in town, otherwise known as Dorade. Another recommendation is the restaurant on the beach, , near Miradouro da Baleia where you can get a delicious Dorade while watching the sun set over the Atlantic. At Bella Sombra on Foz do Lizandro you might even get your meal with live music performed by some local musicians.



The manager of the Sunset Surf Lodge has been part of Pure Surf Camps team for over 5 years. Manu a real jack of all trades, he can fix or build anything that is required at the lodge as he is a qualified carpenter, he can take care of any bookings and request guest have, as well as get out in the water and give surf lessons. When he’s not too busy you’ll see Manu out surfing the best waves the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.


Lisa is also an integral part of the Pure Surf Family having worked at various locations in both Morocco & Portugal. She is a qualified physiotherapist by trade, but takes care of anything & everything at Sunset Surf Lodge. 2 years ago she became a qualified yoga teacher and she know runs the yoga sessions at the lodge.



3 & 6 Person Room

Decorated room
Good view from a 6 / 3 person room
Bathroom with shower
1 / 3
Freshly renovated, modern rooms

Sunset Surf Lodge has a great selection of rooms ideal to any type of traveller. This includes the 3 & 6 person rooms which are an ideal choice for anybody looking for a great surf trip to Portugal. The rooms cater perfectly to solo travellers looking for a budget friendly as well as groups of friends and family.

Take a look at the Prices

The 6 person dorm room has a bathroom shared amongst the occupants, and the 3-person room has access to a bathroom which is shared with a twin single room across the hall.

Double / Twin Single Rooms

Double bed in amazing room
Big double room with natural light
Fully equipped bathroom
1 / 3
Spacious & comfortable bedrooms

The Double & Twin Single rooms with shared bathrooms are the perfect choice for couples and small groups who are wanting a budget friendly surf trip option, but who still want a private space to retreat to after eventful days out in the surf. 

Take a look at the Prices

The rooms are extremely spacious, comfortable, freshly renovated & furnished and are the perfect place to recharge after days spent surfing. There is one large bathroom that is shared between the twin single, double & a 3-person room.

Double Room with Bathroom

Double room with wooden bed
Modern room with surfboard deco
Nicely decorated bathrooms
1 / 3
Stunning wooden furniture and floors

For those of you looking for Deluxe accommodation at Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira you can take this option where you'll be greeted by a spacious, well designed & modern room with its own private bathroom. The rooms come with access to the veranda from which you can walk down to the garden. The large veranda doors not only let in plenty of fresh air & light, but also provide you stunning views out towards the Atlantic Ocean. 

Take a look at the Prices

The bathroom attached to the double room is equipped with modern amenities and still retains that surf flair you find throughout the room. This room is the perfect option for couples looking for a peaceful surf trip away together and even small families.

Communal Areas

Cozy furniture in the communal area
Pool and ocean views from the balcony
Communal area including a big garden
1 / 3
Large couch with plenty of space to relax

At Sunset Surf Lodge you have an abundance of spots to relax and truly enjoy the time out of the water. On those hot summer days you can head outdoors and sit in the garden, on the terrace or enjoy the pool. Outside in the garden you also have a volleyball / football field for you to enjoy. Once the sun sets in the summer, it is still extremely pleasant outside so you can eat, BBQ and enjoy a cold drink from the bar under the stars. 

If you want to head inside, or you are there at the end of the season, you can relax in the communal living room, watch a film with friends, or find a comfortable spot and read a book. There is also a small bar inside where you can buy drinks and snacks, and talk about the days surf with the other guests. 


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Key Facts

Learn to surf Portugal
sunset surfer girl Portugal
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Ride your first waves under the guidance of the professional coaches

Surf Course Basic 10-hour

  • Target group: Beginners to Intermediate
  • Transfers to surf spots and equipment included
  • Maximum ratio of 8 students to 1 coach
  • Practical learning as well as theory on waves, the ocean and surfboard technology
  • Plenty of time after the course to take day trips or enjoy the beach
  • Course runs 5 days

Price: Surf Course Basic 150 € per Person per Week

Surf Course Deluxe 15-hour

  • Target group: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Transfers to surf spots and equipment included
  • Maximum ratio of 8 students to 1 coach
  • Practical learning as well as theory on waves, the ocean and surfboard technology
  • Plenty of time after the course to take day trips afterwards or enjoy the beach

Price: Surf Course Deluxe 225 € per Person per Week

It is possible to add an extra, or single lesson to your trip.
Price for a 1.5 hour Surf class 30 € and includes equipment


Surf courses for all levels back hand carve
Making new friends
1 / 2
Build confidence in the advanced course

Taking part in the surf course as someone who has never surfed before will give you the a foundation to build on, get you feeling comfortable in the waves, and of course, get you standing and riding your surfboard.

For those of you who already have that foundation, and want to take part in the advanced course, the surf crew will get you standing up quicker, surfing smaller boards, and bigger, better waves, as well as working on turns, going along the face and generally progressing your surfing skills.

Surf Course Basic 10-hour
Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira offers a 10-hour course that runs from Sunday to Thursday. Every day you’ll be in the water for about 1.5 hours, with a small bit of theory on the beach before or after each session. The classes are split down and you will be put in a group that fits your exact skill level, meaning you won’t get bored, or feel overwhelmed with the lesson. The cost of the surf course includes transport to the spot that the coaches have decided on as well as wetsuit and board. Lesson times vary, as the coaches want to get you onto the best waves for your ability.
Price: 150 €

Surf Course Deluxe 15-hour
The Deluxe surf course offered by Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira runs for 15-hours, and includes more practical learning out in the surf, with a little theory on the beach. The deluxe course will split beginners and advanced surfers into separate groups. Beginners will work on the take-off, paddling & duck-diving, whereas the advanced surfers will catch bigger waves, ride along the face of the waves & work on turns. Daily transfers to the beach, surfboard and wetsuit are of course included. 
Price: 225 €

Extra Surf Lesson
If you just want to take 1 lesson, or add an extra lesson onto your course you can book them onsite for 30€ again including transfer, board and wetsuit.


black and white surf

Coming soon

black and white surf

Coming soon

Surf gear for rent
Suitable boards for all surfers
1 / 2
Rent gear and paddle out when it suits you

During 5-day, 10 or 15-Hour Surf Course at Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira, your wetsuit and surfboard rental are included. If you would like to free surf before, or after the course times at the local beach, you can take the equipment whenever suites you. If you are not taking part in a surf course, it is still possible to rent a surfboard & wetsuit from the team.

Surfboard: 15 €/Day
Wetsuit: 5 €/Day

Sunset surf spot
Surf spots with awesome waves
1 / 2
Just one more wave before it gets dark

Through the summer months you don’t have to go far from camp to score great waves. The local beach break is only 10 minutes away and provides great surf for beginners to intermediate surfers. If you’d like to explore, discover new waves, or push our surfing to the advanced level, you are in the right place. Erceira is classed as a Surf Reserve by the International Save the Waves Coalition because of the huge variety of epic surf spots, that provide great waves in a huge variety of conditions, for every level of surfer.

The contour of the ocean floor around Ericeira, and the fact that it is predominantly made of rock, means the coast absorbs the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. A few famous breaks are the long right point break named Coxos, the hollow & shallow left of Pedra Branca, as well as the super consistent Ribeira d'Ilhas. There is also a wave called Nazaré a little further north which holds the current record for biggest wave surfed, and another spot called Supertubos, where the best surfers in the world congregate once a year to take part in the second to last stop of the WSL.




Wide variety of healthy ingredients
Healthy meals before the surf
1 / 2
The daily breakfast buffet selection

Daily breakfast is included
Every morning at Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira you will be greeted with fresh coffee & tea, as well as a nutritious & delicious breakfast buffet. You need a lot of energy out in the surf every day so starting your day with a solid breakfast is vital.

Every morning the buffet includes bread, meat, cheese, spreads, muesli, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as a variety of cold drinks. The best thing is you can eat breakfast while checking the surf out on the patio next to the pool.


Tasty dinners at Sunset Surf Lodge
Freshly prepared local foods
1 / 2
Masterchefs at Sunset Surf Lodge

Dinner can be booked additionally
A dinner package is available from Sunset Surf Lodge that consists of two, 3-course BBQ evenings, with delicious local ingredients and a variety of sides, plus 2 evenings where traditional Portuguese 3-course meals are served.

Four evenings dinner only costs 59€ per person. In nearby Ericeira, the old fishing village, you can find the freshest seafood served at variety of great local restaurants and bars that are extremely affordable.



Qualified yoga staff
Professional yoga classes
SUP rental at Sunset Surf Lodge
1 / 3
Yoga teacher and physiotherapist Lisa

Yoga & SUP
Both Yoga & SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding) are guaranteed to improve your surfing. Yoga works in perfect harmony with your surfing by stretching muscles you work out in the surf, increasing flexibility, improving core strength which in turn increases balance, developing breath control skills, and clearing your mind. Improving any, or all of these elements will help you out in the water. Sunset Surf Lodge offers yoga sessions in the garden, either in the morning or evening, depending on when you are surfing, for 15 €.

Stand Up Paddleboarding also works strength and balance and any time you spend standing on a board will improve your surfing, regardless of what kind of board it is. The local surf shops rent SUP’s, and there are SUP tours available through tour operators in the area.

Surf trip bike ride Portugal
Explore the coastline von comfortable beach cruisers

The team at Sunset Surf Lodge Ericeira have beach cruiser bikes available for guests to rent. This is a perfect way to discover the stunning coastline around the lodge, or even take your surfboard and find a new surf spot for that evening surf session.

Beach Cruisers cost 10€ per day.

Sintra Portugal
The UNESCO Word Heritage Site of Sintra

The Portuguese capital Lisbon is about 50 kilometres away from Ericeira, meaning it is easily accessed from the Sunset Surf Lodge by car. The charming port city combines an amazing history with beautiful buildings, a wonderful culture and lively atmosphere. Once a week the team organises a trip to Lisbon where you get to first check out a few sights, then go to a local restaurant and experience delicious Portuguese cuisine, and eventually move to one of the best rooftop bars in the city. The trip costs 20 € and will keep you busy from the moment you get out of the water from your surf, till late in the evening.

Sintra was classified a UNESCO World Heritage because of its many architectural monuments, castles, forts & palaces with history dating back to the turn of the 11th century. The city gives an insight into Portuguese culture and history. The town is also set amongst a stunning landscape with the Atlantic Ocean nearby. The day trip costs 15 €.

A wave Garrett McNamara surfed at Nazaré, measuring approximately 100ft, currently holds the world record for biggest wave ever surfed. If the swell charts start to flash red, you will see pro big wave surfers from around the world flock to the spot to catch the wave of their life. If you also happen to be there, you can surf a nice sheltered wave in the morning, then head down and watch mountainous waves roll in from the Atlantic and explode just off the coast from the safety of the lighthouse. The trip costs 25 €.




Navigate via the tabs to find the prices for different accommodation options, and various optional extras. Here you will see an example:

1 Week including breakfast from 189€!

  • 7 nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including coffee and tea
  • Towels and linen
  • Use of the pool and all other communal facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tips regarding surf spots in the surrounding area

Detailed price overview through: Low & Peak Season

Low Season

Price per Person per Week


  • 7 nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including coffee and tea
  • Towels and linen
  • Use of the pool and all other communal facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tips regarding surf spots in the surrounding area

30.09.17 28.10.17 269 € 319 € 329 € 369 €
03.03.18 28.04.18 189 € 239 € 249 € 289 €
28.04.18 30.06.18 279 € 329 € 339 € 379 €
30.06.18 29.09.18 N/A
29.09.18 27.10.18 269 €  319 € 329 €  369 €

Price per Person per Night

Prices for extra nights when stays aren't exactly 1 or 2 weeks long.

30.09.17 28.10.17 39 € 46 € 47 € 53 €
03.03.18 28.04.18 27 € 35 € 36 € 42 €
28.04.18 30.06.18 40 € 47 € 49 € 55 €
30.06.18 29.09.18 N/A
29.09.18 27.10.18 39 €  46 € 47 €  53 €


Incase your travel dates fall within two seasons, the travel cost will be calculated accordingly.


Online Booking

Peak Season

Price per Person per Week

Arrival & Departure always Saturday to Saturday!


  • 7 nights in booked accommodation
  • Daily Breakfast including coffee and tea
  • Towels and linen
  • Use of the pool and all other communal facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Tips regarding surf spots in the surrounding area

03.06.18 29.09.18 329 €  379 € 389 €  429 €

Online Booking

Optional Extras

Pre-booking and booking onsite available. Price per Person:

Surf Course Basic 10 h incl. Wetsuit and Surfboard 150 €
Surf Course Deluxe 15 h incl. Wetsuit and Surfboard 225 €
Yoga: 5 days / 2 sessions (1hr each) per day 99 €
Dinner Package 59 € / 4 x Dinner

Onsite booking. Price per Person:

Surfboard + Wetsuits 20 €/Day
Surfboard only 15 €/Day
Wetsuit only 5 €/Day
Bike Rental 10 €/Day
Lisbon Trip 20 €
Sintra Trip 15 €
Nazaré Trip 25 €

Contact camp before departure to organise pick-up. *Payable on arrival:

Airport Transfer (Lisbon, One-Way) From 4 People 60 € pro Trip – Divided through passengers.
Airport Transfer (Lisbon, One-Way) From 5 People 75 € pro Trip – Divided through passengers.
*Send flight, train or bus details directly to the camp manager after booking. Contact details are on your receipt.

Online Booking




Lisbon (LIS)

We offer an extra service where we will find you a cheap, available flight. We’ll double-check the prices and availability and will contact you with the final offer. Cheap flights are available starting from as little as 80 Euro! Best option is to fly directly to Lisbon (LIS) and then book an airport transfer.

For those of you who would rather find and book flights yourself we recommend Skyscanner which will give you a good overview of the available flights and where they depart from. This flight search site look through all airlines apart from RyanAir

Cheap Airlines from the UK:
RyanAir and Easyjet provide cheap and easy ways to get to Lisbon, Portugal from most airports in and around all major centres in the UK.

Airport Shuttle

Sunset Surf Lodge offers airport pick-ups and drop-offs to and from Lisbon Airport (LIS). The travel time to and from camp is around 30 minutes. If there are 4 passengers or less, the trip cost 60€ which you divide equally amongst all the passengers travelling. If there are more than 4 passengers it is 75€ per trip, and again, divided equally amongst every passenger in the car.

Public Transport

In a car the trip will take around 30 minutes form the airport to the camp, whereas public transport will take around 2.5 hours. Best way once you arrive if you plan to use public transport is to leave the airport and get on the purple metro line to Lisboa Oriente.  once there you should change trains and go to Portale de Sintra. Once you have arrived here, you will need to change bus and go to Ericeira Terminal. If you are planning to get the the camp via public transport feel free to ask us and we will give you more information.

Here you can find out more about Public Transport in and around Lisbon. 

Rental Car

We recommend renting a car! In Portugal there are very cheap rental cars available that start at 80€ per week. At Sunny Cars you'll find the cheapest rental cars around! Getting a rental car will allow you to spontaneously explore the coastline or nearby Lisbon. It will also give you the freedom to take early morning drives up the coast to go to your favourite surf spot and be first in the water.


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