Surfing the Algarve, Caparica & Ericeria - Portugal's best surf spots

Algarve: With access to the waves on the south as well as on west coast, we have the highest chance to find the best waves for you! Due to its location and the geographical orientation of its bays, the Algarve receives swells in summer and wintertime. This means you can go surfing on the Algarve all year long, choosing from its more than 50 surf spots spread over 200 km of coastline. Our surf school will guide you to the best waves and help you to learn to surf on the Algarve, taking you to an ideal beginner surf spot. Ericeria: Europes first World Surfing Reserve in the north of Lisbon offers numerous surf spots along the 15 km long coastline. Foz do Lizandro is probably one of the best beach breaks there. Our home surf spot Ribeira d’Ilhas is situated in front of our Sunset Surf Lodge and suitable for all surf levels. Caparica: Streching 13 km from Caparica to the famous bridge of Lisbon, the Caparican coast is home to an sheer endless amount of waves and surf spots. Our surf houses are located right at the beach. You can go surfing in front of the houses or take a bike and check out other spots along the coastline.

learn to surf portugal algarve surf course

Surf Course

You’ve wanted to learn to surf for a long time or you’re desperate to improve your surfing skills? Then you’ve chosen the right country! Portugal in general offers Europe’s best waves and the Algarve in particular! With our surf school you’ll get all the water time and advice you need, to push your surf level. As we take you surfing 1 or 2x a day, you can improve quickly and spent your precious time in the water. You can either walk to the surf courses or our team picks you up and takes you to our beginners & intermediate surf spots.

surf guiding on the algarve

Surf Guiding

You know to surf, but need advice about where to surf when and pointers to the peaks and channels? Then you’re ready for our surf guiding. The head of our surf school, Samu, is one of the Algarve’s most dedicated surfers. He grew up there and has surfed ever since. So he knows all spots by heart and has established one of the Algarve’s best surf schools. With our jeep we can reach even the most remote surf spots. Please check the individual surf camps for availabilities of surf guidings.

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